Thursday, March 25, 2010

The main part that made me who I am.

My Mum and Dad split up when I was 1½ years old. My older brother, Mitchell, my younger sister, Josslyn and I lived with our Mum and saw our Dad on weekends and sometimes during the week. With our Mum we lived in refuges, a few couples, and a couple of homeswest houses. When my parents were together we lived in Clarkson. When we lived with our Mum we lived in Balga and Doubleview. In 2004 my Mum told my brother, sister and I, that she had a boyfriend, Glenn. I didn’t like the thought of having him around; when I met him I knew straight away I wasn’t going to like him.

We lived in Doubleview and he lived in Kingsley with his brother, Paul and one of their friends, Calum. They let friends stay at the house if they needed somewhere to stay. Glenn worked on the mines so he was only around for a week, and was away on the mines for 2 weeks. He stayed at our place when he was down, or we all had to stay at his house. Calum met my Aunty Carol and they started going out, eventually Calum moved out and started living down south with my Aunty.

All of my family could see though him, except my Mum. He treated my sister like she shouldn’t be on the earth. Glenn and Paul always thought they were better than everyone. The only person Glenn seemed to have respect for was my Mum’s Dad. My Mum found out she was pregnant, I hated the idea that I’d have a little baby brother or sister. My Mum told everyone in the family except my grandma. No one was allowed to tell her because my Mum thought she’d go crazy at her. She eventually told her, and as my Mum thought, she went crazy. It wasn’t because she wasn’t pleased; it was because how Glenn treated us all the time, she believed he didn’t deserve a child of his own, because she thought he wouldn’t care about his child.

My Mum and Glenn decided to move in together, so we all moved to Woodvale. Glenn still treated us like dirt and he started telling me things about my Mum, which I knew weren’t true; he was just trying to rev me up. It worked I was quite happy to hurt him I think even kill him. I knew it wouldn’t work; he was so much bigger and stronger than me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to protect myself if I tried to hurt him. I just tried to ignore him and walk away.

Things like that went on for ages. My Mum had my little brother, Lucas, in February 2006. I love him to bits. Before he was born I never wanted him around, but now I know that wasn’t true, I always want to be around him. Even after Lucas was born, Glenn was still the same he never changed and I doubt he ever will.

His brother, Paul still lived in Kingsley with a few friends; we went around there when Glenn was off work. My Mum went to the shops to get a few things for dinner so my sister and I went in the pool; I had gone to the side of the pool because I couldn’t touch the ground. Glenn was trying to impress his friends, so he tipped alcohol on my head, Glenn and all his mates laughed. I went off and swore at him, -it wasn’t the first time I’d done it- he shouted at me and told me not to talk like that to him or I’d get what was coming to me, I basically told him to stick it and not to tell me what to do because he’s not my father. He continued shouting at me but I ran off, so I didn’t hear him.

Paul moved in to our house. To Glenn and Paul we were their slaves. My sister spent all her time in her room so she didn’t have to put up with them, yet somehow they still seemed to get to her. I always looked after Lucas after school so my Mum could do what she needed to.

One night I was sitting outside feeding Lucas some dinner, we were having a barbeque. Glenn told me to stop sitting around doing nothing and go and get the food for the barbeque. I snapped at him and shouted “are you blind?! I’m feeding your son, something you’ve never done!” My Mum walked outside to see what was going on, I stood up and gave Lucas to Glenn and shouted “Here!! Here’s your son, why don’t you grow up, and learn how to look after your own child, instead of people doing it for you!” Glenn just laughed.

I went to my room, I heard my Mum going off at him I remember her saying “Don’t you dare talk to my children like that again! You self-centred, cold hearted pig. You know she doesn’t deserve to be spoken to like that. She looks after Lucas, more than you ever could imagine”. She came to my room and she was crying, so was I. I could hear Glenn laughing outside.

He left the next morning for work so I didn’t see him for 2 weeks; needless to say I was extremely happy. When he came home he never spoke to me, he was lucky, I think if he did both my Mum and I would have had a go at him.

Things calmed down over the summer holidays, because we were at our Dads house. In February 2008 it was Lucas’ 2nd birthday we had a party, but because Glenn’s birthday is a week later, he had his party with Lucas, because he would be at work. We invited all the family but they couldn’t make it because they all live down south. Only my Mum’s step-Dad and all Glenn’s mates came. My Mum’s best friend came and another one of Mums friends.

The party started about 6pm, they were all drinking. Glenn and his mates were making Lucas get their beers from the shed, and put the old bottles in the bin. Lucas could walk by himself, so he slid across the ground on his bum; they all thought it was hilarious. Glenn’s mates were the only people left at about 9:30pm. Everyone else had gone. Glenn and his mates decided to go into Northbridge about 11:30ish. My Mum said he’s not allowed to because had had already said they were going to the pub, but Mum knew that that’s not where they went.

My Mum yelled at him, he just laughed, by then she was really annoyed with him. She threw things off the bench, she threw a plastic chair at him and a couple of glass bottles they all missed, and he just kept laughing at her. They were all extremely drunk.

I remember her shouting “Why do you think I tried to kill myself twice?! Because of you!! You are the worst person I’ve ever met!” she walked out the front and grabbed a shovel. She shouted at Glenn to try and stop her. I went out the front with Lucas; he had been woken up with the noise. It was about 1:45am now. Mum pulled the shovel over her shoulder, and slammed it down on the back window of the car. I tried getting her to come inside, but she shouted at me to go inside.

I took Lucas to my room, Mitchell was in his room, Josslyn was picked up by Dad at about midnight, and she’d been living with Dad for the year. That also really upset Mum. I put Lucas in my bed and I sat in the corner of the room. I heard the cops, so I quickly got into bed, I held onto Lucas like I was about to lose him.

I was listening to the cops yelling at my Mum, and my Mum yelling back. I could hear Glenn making false claims to the cops. Eventually they got more cops because they couldn’t control Mum. I fell asleep. In the morning at about 7am my phone rang, it was my Nan she was very distressed, she told me to get ready and get Mitchell; Dad was on his way to pick us up, because Mum had been arrested.

Dad arrived and I put Lucas in his cot and had to leave him there. Glenn and his mates were all asleep. I locked the door and left. I called my Aunty to tell her what had happened she tried to do as much as she could, but living down south she couldn’t do much. She rang my Grandma and told her, she came straight up to Perth to find her. She went to every Police Station she could think of. They told her that they didn’t arrest her. They took her to a Woman’s Refuge in Perth. She went there, but my Mum wasn’t there.

My Grandma drove around the streets and still couldn’t find her. She called my Aunty and told her what was happening. My Aunty called the hospitals; my Mum was at King Edward Hospital getting treatment for her Depression. With no medication, water, money or a phone she was trapped. The police had gone on Patrol and spotted her, so they took her to the hospital.

My Grandma took her back home with her. A couple of days later they came back to Perth for Lucas because Glenn wasn’t capable of looking after him. They got some clothes and went back down south, they lived with my Aunty. The following week they went to get all their belongings from the house, but Glenn and Paul were too abusive, so they had to leave. On the Monday, Mitchell and I went to get all our belongings. On the Wednesday my Mum and Grandma went back to the house with the Police, just in case something happened. Mum got the car and all her belongings she got all our beds, and everything she bought, Glenn and Paul were annoyed because they had basically nothing after. They had ago at them so the cops stepped in and made Glenn and Paul leave the house for a couple of hours, so Mum could get all of her things.

Mum eventually moved back to Perth with Lucas. They stayed in a refuge in Perth for about 7 months. They got a rental in Yanchep and are still there 2 years later. Mitchell, Josslyn and I live with our Dad, Nan and Grandad in Koondoola. Lucas sees Glenn every 3 weeks. We still get problems from Glenn and Paul but nowhere near as bad as they were.

Well thats all for now.

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