Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I feel like I don't belong around here. I'm not wanted. What's the point of getting up in the morning. What's the point in staying here. Why don't I just leave, why? I think I know why I think it's because of the stress everyone will be under or possibly how happy they'll be. But who knows. I'm sick of being a slave. Sick of being used. Sick of feeling left out. Sick of feeling like an outcast. But then again there is other people that have gone/are going through a harder time then me. But I have had a bad life. I have had a life of unwantedness. I've never been a child. I've never been allowed to live like anyone else my age. I've always been a mother figure for all the people around me. I'm the person everyone relies on, the person that makes the decisions on what to have for dinner whether it be half cooked eggs or maybe a couple pieces of mouldy bread. But in the end there is always someone wanting me to get them something. And now you wonder why I get pissed off easliy. Well it's not bloody easy being everyones slave. It's not something I want to o. It's something you all took advantage of. My genorosity to people is now slavery. You feel sorry for the children in third world countries but what about me? How am I any different to them I'm a slave I deserve more appreciation, don'y I?
Ahh fuck it. No point going on noone will care.
Thanks for reading.... I think.

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